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SEEing to Lead

Sep 13, 2021

Sandra Donaghue is a passionate educator in her 27th year - entering her 17th year as a elementary school leader. Sandr is an instructor for the Principal Qualifications Course for Ontario, Executive member of my local Principal & Vice-Principal's Association, Elementary Councilor on the Provincial Association, and Codebreaker Ambassador

Key Takeaways

  • Passionate educators are always in a position to be a mentor
  • Celebrate others by recognizing the good that they do.
  • The supportive of the educator people are rather than the content they are teaching.
  • Make sure you feed forward to keep building people up
  • Frame conversations for improvement might explaining what cannot be discussed and what can
  • Every opportunity is an opportunity to be genuine and authentic to whom you are as a person
  • Make certain that your interest in staff members is genuine and not being used as a tool


Twitter - @sandra_donaghue

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