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SEEing to Lead

Mar 1, 2021

Launching in April!

Do you struggle with supporting, engaging, and empowering your staff and want to motivate them to higher levels of success with a process of continuous improvement?

This podcast assists you in becoming a better leader and reaching all your students by taking a teacher centered approach. Led by Chris Jones, each conversation with both teachers and leaders will provide concrete, practical examples to help you, the leader or teacher, discover the difference between believing and knowing as these strategies are examined from various perspectives.

This podcast is one aspect of Chris Jones’ just cause of creating a better educational experience for all involved by being purposeful, acting with integrity and building character. It provides the resources to help you take action and elevate everyone’s level of achievement.

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast. It’s your place for resources on effectively Supporting, Engaging, and Empowering your staff!

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Twitter: @DrCSJones