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SEEing to Lead

Jan 23, 2023

Alex Isaacs is an 8th-grade math teacher at Red Bank Middle School with seven years of full-time teaching experience. He is passionate about providing engaging content for students and teachers and specializes in multiple edtech platforms/tools. He believes in forming strong connections with his diverse learners first to foster a caring classroom community where students feel safe to be themselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • We need to remember and take what we didn’t like as students and do better for our students.
  • All students need to know they have a place where they know they are cared for and heard.
  • Administrators need to “keep it real” for those they lead.
  • Specific recognition and appreciation helps teachers stay motivated.
  • There are times that encouragement works much better than exerting control when offering new tools or initiatives.
  • EdTech needs to follow three rules and be something well received by both teachers and staff if it is to take hold.
    • Not too difficult
    • A platform that offers professional development
    • Something that gives resources teachers can immediately use
  • EdTech tools can help personalize learning and communication with the diverse families and students we find in our classrooms and schools.
  • Leaders need to build time into schedules, offer ongoing learning and exploration of tools, and provide certifications to incentivize participation if they want teachers and students to effectively implement new tools.
  • We need to focus on creating caring classroom communities.

Stay in Touch:

Twitter: @mr_isaacs_math