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SEEing to Lead

Nov 22, 2021

Hi! My name is Kerry Flood and I am a special education teacher in the math department at Whitman Hanson. I am also the assistant coach for the girls varsity soccer team and can't wait for our season opener! When I am not working, I thoroughly enjoy spending my free time with my one year old daughter who is my inspiration.

Key Takeaways:

  • Take items that are large and intimidating and break them down into separate sections or tasks so people can realize it might not be as bad as originally peers
  • Clear a transparent communication is most important
  • Don't care about people just one time
  • Is provide teachers time during the day to get commitments outside of school
  • Clearly communicate opportunities to get involved through personal conversations
  • Let newer teachers know that things are gonna be OK even though they're incredibly hard at that moment in time
  • Leaders need to hear everybody before narrowing down the information to the best decision

Get in Touch:

Twitter: @whkerryflood

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