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SEEing to Lead

Nov 29, 2021

Georgina is a visionary education leader, an inspiring writer, podcaster, and keynote speaker, and is keen to impact creative innovation across Europe, Middle East & Africa, where she has been fostering change in education for over a decade. She empowers learners, educators, and school leaders with the 21st century skills, creative strategies, tools, and the confidence they need to be successful members of a global community, to thrive in tomorrow's competitive job market. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a staff Facebook page to help with onboarding new teachers
  • Create staff Buddy systems
  • Create a mentor system that that creates deeper relationships than the current required mentor system
  • Support teachers from being overwhelmed by following the 3 steps of buddy system, resource bank, and human interaction
  • Make sure you follow a tested and successful coaching framework whenever you are engaging and empowering teachers
  • Educators want to make their leaders happy. They just need to know they're supported in return
  • If teachers could do better they would. So it's up to the leaders to find out what's holding them back and take care of it
  • Leaders need to provide space for educators to take risks and then accept them for where they are
  • Stick to the appropriate pace that is acceptable by the community and the school when instituting change
  • Give teachers agency when it comes to which digital tools they want to use to increase their students agency
  • Huge paradigm shift about teachers being told to teach rather than facilitate.

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