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SEEing to Lead

Dec 13, 2021

Craig Shapiro is a teacher of K-12 HPE/Coach for 33 years.  He is also a speaker and upcoming author.

Key Takeaways:

  • Simple steps for transformation are not just a classroom thing, but a life thing.
  • The daily steps you take are super important for how you perform overall.
  • Anyone can reflect, but that doesn't make it easy.
  • It's important to get to know people, but more important to help them get better.
  • Many things we do are simple, but people just do not think about it.
  • Learn about and make use of habit stacking.
  • What you do consistently creates the desire to do the same in others.
  • We get what we model and expect.
  • Leaders must have empathy and be authentic.
  • Pay attention to where your ducks are swimming.
  • Make sure people understand the vision and their role in it.
  • Focus on the good instead of the small amount of negatives.
  • Ask yourself if people say hi to you without being prompted.

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