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SEEing to Lead

Nov 21, 2022

Victor "Coach" Hicks is the founder of the Coding with Culture brand.  He has six years experience teaching Computer Science and Technology and over 20 years experience teaching and coaching in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois and current residence, Atlanta, Georgia!

Victor is passionate about closing the digital divide among students of color, more specifically, Black Students. He enjoys using his talents to provide culturally relevant computer science experiences for students in grades K-12 along with professional development and consultation services for K-12 educators.

Victor is  a proud product of two HBCUs:  Fisk University and Clark Atlanta University. His experiences at these illustrious institutions inspired him to make it a priority to include the cultural relevance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in his pedagogy across grade levels and content areas.

Key Takeaways:

  • We have to listen to all voices when looking to better serve students and teachers.
  • Connect with and meet teachers where they are when engaging them in the process of culturally relevant instruction.
  • Having a clear, authentic intent is the only way to make a positive impact
  • You have to be vulnerable and show your human side when working with students.
  • We are still struggling to break the industrial age model of school even after the pandemic.
  • The educational system has to change in fundamental ways if it is to improve.
  • We are trying to study and enact diversity equity and inclusion in a system that refuses to recognize diversity at any level.
  • There are too many educators at upper level positions making big decisions about education when they don't know about the field.
  • Creativity comes from the process not the product.

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