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SEEing to Lead

Oct 3, 2022

Amy Matthews-Perez is Texas-born & raised. She is currently in her 30th year of serving public education in Texas where Amy has served as a General Ed. Teacher, an SLP, a Diagnostician, a SPED Specialist and a Director of Special Education. Amy has also worked in the private sector as an Education Coordinator at a JJAEP and in both home health & nursing home settings as an SLP. She currently serves as a Director of Special Programs which includes SPED, 504, Dyslexia, MTSS and being the Liaison for students/families experiencing Foster Care and Homelessness.

Her passions are communication, laughter, inspiring & empowering others. As a learner, she considers herself an "Experience Expert." Life is short but our influence is never ending, so she seeks joy and creates smiles through learning, sharing, and highlighting the best in other people.

Key Takeaways:

Life is short, but our influences never ending.

There is a need to consistently model the positivity of any progress or event.

Use the 2 filters of, everyone has positive intent and what can I learn from this.

It's important to know your people, but even more important to act on the knowledge that you have.

Empower others to bring positivity to your culture by being transparent in your process of supporting and engaging others.

Try throwing out bad suggestions to get better suggestions from those who may not normally contribute.

You need to forget about your ego if you are to find the most success as a leader.

It's critical that you not only communicate your priorities, but why they are your priorities.

Setting goals and priorities is messy because they have to all mesh with each other.

Practice makes progress.

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