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The Roller Coaster of Midlife

Nov 28, 2023

Making significant life changes in midlife can feel daunting, especially when faced with obstacles like workplace challenges, gender stereotypes, and personal trauma. But it's not only possible; it can be the start of the most empowering chapter of your life. In this insightful conversation, Cindy Gross, a tech industry veteran, shares how she transformed career setbacks and personal traumas into stepping stones for her new chapter. Discover how Cindy shattered corporate glass ceilings, embraced her purpose, and found the courage to pivot.


🗝 Key Takeaways:

1️⃣Resilience & Adaptation: Learn how setbacks, including workplace harassment and pay inequality, can be transformed into opportunities, illustrating the power of resilience and the beauty of adaptation.

2️⃣Breaking Gender Stereotypes: Unpack the challenges women face in professional environments, and be inspired by Cindy's fight against expectations and her dedication to authentic leadership.

3️⃣The Journey to Purpose: Delve into the transformative process of breaking free from limiting beliefs and the empowering experience of self-discovery in midlife.


From setting boundaries to navigating workplace challenges and gaslighting, this discussion sheds light on the issues many women face and offers wisdom for those ready to reclaim their narrative. If you're at a crossroads in midlife or simply seeking inspiration, this conversation is your call to embrace change, champion your worth, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.


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