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The Roller Coaster of Midlife

Nov 10, 2023

🌸 Beginning a new chapter in midlife, especially after facing grief? This powerful conversation with Dr. Clare Biedenharn, a chaplain with over 20 years of experience, dives deep into the journey of grief and healing. Lucie Quigley and Dr. Biedenharn share raw, personal stories of love, loss, and the path to rediscovery.


💡 Key Takeaways:


    Understanding Secondary Grief: Unravel the layers of this less-discussed form of grief.

    Navigating Emotions: Discover practical coping strategies.

    The Power of Choice: How to find a source of incredible strength.


🔍 Discussion Highlights:


The ripple effect of grief on individuals and entire families.

The pivotal role of naming and releasing grief to move forward.

Navigating organ donation discussions: A delicate intersection of grief and hope.



For every midlife woman standing at the crossroads of grief and a new beginning, this conversation is a beacon of hope and guidance. Dive in, feel seen, and take the next step towards your new chapter. 💖


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