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Beach Talk Radio

Nov 28, 2021

Dr. Banyan is putting together a special report about the Fort Myers Beach Fire department and is looking for community input.

Nov 20, 2021

We started off the show with a presentation from Jennifer Rusk from the Marine Resources Task Force to 7-year old Bodie Bellefeuille. Watercolorist Shari Blaukopf showed off some of her awesome art. And, former Lee County Judge Hugh Starnes discusses race, redistricting and Robert E.Lee.

Nov 20, 2021

Craft brewers from all over the state come to Lovers Key State Park for the annual fundraiser called Beach & Brews. This year thre were 9 breweries, food trucks, live music and a silent auction. Organizer Megan Allers joins us followed by local residents Brad Foreman and Keran Farrell and several of the brewers.

Nov 14, 2021

Alex King, form the King Foundation, discusses his $10,000 donation to the Lions Club for the Shrimp Festival, along with Lion Bernard McGarvey. Steve Davis, from the Everglades Foundation, gets us up to speed on saving the Everglades and LOSOM.