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Beach Talk Radio

Mar 29, 2020

The Pearl Street Band

Mar 29, 2020

It's all about working through the coronavirus this episode

Mar 17, 2020

Steve and Leah talk up the local election. Todd Truax is running for Lee County Board. Karen Woodson from Friends of The Arts. John Koss tells us about Baby Sophia. Mayor Cereceda and Ray Sandelli talk about how the coronavirus is impacting the beach and the county.

Mar 15, 2020

Todd Truax is running for the district 3 seat on the Lee County Commission.

Mar 7, 2020

Political consultant Phil Nichols explains how PAC's work. Michael Velez tells us about the London Bay Homes Development, Calusa Waterkeeper Executive Director KC Schulberg talks Calusapalooza and Dan Allers makes one final push for Fort Myers Beach Town Council.