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Beach Talk Radio

Jun 27, 2020

Sanibel Councilmember Jason Maughan is running for the Florida House (district #76). Laura Witte Horacek tells us about Island Oils and local resident Bernard McGarvey tells his story about why he moved to Fort Myers Beach. PLUS - Ed and Kim talk about the bard closing due to COVID, wearing masks and Ed's pants.

Jun 21, 2020

Ranger Robert Howell gave us an update on turtle sales on the beach, The Fairy Podmother Monica Lynn explained how she works with dolphins and Tyler Lemmer and Todd and Natalie Richardson talk about the Bayside Park building project.

Jun 14, 2020

KC Schulberg from Calusa Waterkeepers tells us about the 25th Anniversary of the organization. Ranger Robert Howell is on a mission to end turtle sales on the beach. And, Pastor Ivan Corbin is leaving the Beach United Methodist Church.