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The Apocalypse Now Minutes

Nov 29, 2022

Don't think of it as a 90 minute episode, think of it as five 18 minute episodes, all at once. Chris breaks down how Apocalypse Now has made the transition to a horror movie, while Tierney provides parenting advice and recaps the Coppolas' troubled marriage.

Nov 22, 2022

Chris and Tierney are enjoying their popcorn and watching the hubris as the Playboy Bunny scene escalates quickly. 

Nov 14, 2022

It turns out Happy Days is connected to Apocalypse Now in multiple convoluted ways. This is great podcasting!

Nov 7, 2022

Chris is underwhelmed by what is objectively a terrifying tiger attack, and Tierney recounts the humanitarian disaster of Typhoon Olga, which pressed the reset button on the whole movie. Save the pasta!

Nov 3, 2022

Willard and company bid adieu to the First of the Ninth and Col. Kilgore, only to pull over for some local produce.