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The Apocalypse Now Minutes

Mar 29, 2023

The horror, the horror of almost reaching the end of our podcast! Chris and Tierney delve into Kurtz's manuscript, the end of principal photography, and breaking the mythic cycles of war and peace (if only it were this easy).

Mar 26, 2023

This episode covers casual veganism, the death of Kurtz, "The Golden Bough," and the animal sacrifice used to create a visual parallel to what happens in our story. Also, Chris and Tierney discuss one of the most-referenced, most-iconic film scenes of all time!

On a lighter note:

"2022 Milwaukee Brewer Season Recap:...

Mar 21, 2023

It's all Brando, all the time during the intellectual/philosophical climax of the film. Chris and Tierney follow and (try to) interpret Kurtz's ramblings as best as they can, while Scott Glen practices TaiChi in the dramatically lit temple.

Mar 10, 2023

Sean German (Groundhog Day Minute, Spinal Tap Minute, and the Next Scene Podcast) joins Tierney to discuss dialectics, poetry, and philosophy and just how much time has passed during the Kurtz Compound sequence. We don't know, and neither do the film makers.

Sean's work can be found at:

Also, the original...