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Here's This Agile Thing

May 23, 2024


In this episode, the hosts dive into the key principles of demand and delivery management as described in "The Book of TameFlow" by Steve Tendon. They explore the challenges of balancing demand with delivery capacity, the importance of reducing work in process (WIP), and strategies for convincing executive...

May 14, 2024



Matt and Mike begin by recounting their recent experiences discussing throughput accounting, highlighting its utility as a prioritization tool over traditional cost accounting. They explore the struggles businesses face when trying to integrate these theories, especially in manufacturing settings with long...

May 2, 2024



In this episode, Matt Beam, Michael Marchi, and Jeff Singleton explore the integration of throughput accounting and the Theory of Constraints into Agile methodologies with CPA and Throughput Accounting expert Daniel Doiron. The conversation dives deep into how these frameworks can radically improve project...

Apr 29, 2024



Jeff Singleton, Mike Marchi, and Matt Beam engage in a thoughtful conversation about various "laws" that have influenced Agile practices and project management. They reflect on Stefan Wolpers' compilation of eight significant laws, which include familiar principles such as Conway's Law and Brooks' Law, and...

Apr 25, 2024



In this episode, hosts Matt, Mike, and Jeff delve into the world of throughput accounting with expert Graham Scott, who shares insights from his extensive experience in the field.

Graham explains how throughput accounting differs from traditional accounting methods and emphasizes its practical applications...