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Here's This Agile Thing

Jun 26, 2024

Summary: In this episode, hosts Matt Beam and Mike Marchi dive into the ongoing and thought-provoking discussion with guests Huy Nguyen and Marcelo Lopez Jr. about the evolving role of Agile coaching. They explore the historical context of Agile, its perceived effectiveness in today’s industry, and the growing debate...

Jun 20, 2024



Our hosts delve into the complexities of defining agile coaching, exploring the different interpretations and debates surrounding the concept. They discuss the motivations behind various definitions, the original intentions of the Agile Manifesto, and the potential pitfalls of conflating coaching with...

Jun 12, 2024



In this episode, the hosts delve into the heated debate surrounding the role and perception of Agile coaches in the industry. They reflect on recent debates sparked by controversial statements from a notable figure and colleague, Marcelo Lopez, who challenges the very existence of Agile coaching as it is...