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Rebelliously Curious with Chrissy Newton: UFOs, Science, Space and Futurism

May 15, 2024

How is Al reshaping and changing the music industry, from composition to production and everything in between? Should there be a separate awards ceremony for AI music artists? Neel Lee Chauhan, Founder of MNDLB5 (Mind Labs) and former Music Music DJ turned tech entrepreneur joins me to uncover the ethical...

May 1, 2024

The timeline for Earth becoming unliveable is complex and depends on various factors such as climate change and human political and cultural actions.

18 scientists collaborated on a peer-reviewed paper to put forward solutions and historical data on why societies around the world need to come together to solve...

Apr 17, 2024

The new space race has sparked growing concerns about heightened space defence measures in recent months. The statement from White House spokesperson John Kirby came a day after a senior House Republican issued an ambiguous warning about a "significant national security threat." Kevin Lausten, President of...

Mar 14, 2024

Agnieszka Pilat is a Polish-American artist and writer working at the intersection of robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and fine art. Discusses specializes in rendering portraitures of technology to explore the relationship between humans and machines in the 21st century.


Join us as we get rebelliously curious.


Feb 29, 2024

Did you know that of the current top five-grossing films of all time, only Titanic is outside the science fiction genre?

Science fiction isn't just popular; it's central to the history of film in North American culture itself. The move to narrative filmmaking, which defined cinema as we know it today, is...