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The Brick & Mortar Money Show

Feb 14, 2023

As a leader in business, your organization is never going to grow larger than yourself. That means you need to give yourself the space to grow so that your company and your people can grow, too. 


Here to shed light on that growth journey is Jonathan Melvin, the Founder of Own Real Estate and Broker/Owner of Own Real Estate. With over 100 agents at his agency, Jonathan knows what it takes to become a successful real estate entrepreneur, but he’s certainly had to grow into that role. 


Tune in to learn how Jonathan built and grew his career in real estate and the key lessons he’s learned along his journey. You’ll also gain Jonathan’s best advice for real estate agents and entrepreneurs that want to become great leaders and create thriving careers without compromising on a work/life/health balance.


“I don’t think you can undervalue the importance of relationships, just like you can’t undervalue the importance of constantly trying new things and new ventures and not throwing away the old thing that did work.” - Jonathan Melvin


Key Highlights:

  • Strategies and characteristics of successful real estate entrepreneurs.
  • How Jonathan unlocked his potential for entrepreneurial growth without working 80 hour weeks.
  • Why mentors, peers, and a work/life/health balance are priceless.
  • How to make genuine progress in your life and career without comparing yourself to others.


“You can’t define growth that you don’t understand, you just have to grow and trust that it becomes valuable in some way.” - Jonathan Melvin


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Meet the Host:

Paul Neal is the founder and Principal Funding Strategist at Vantage Point Commercial Capital, a firm that focuses on helping entrepreneurs, businesses, and real estate investors win by funding their growth and dreams in nontraditional ways. 


Paul’s unique perspective has been honed over 30 years as an entrepreneur, financial strategist, professional speaker, and executive coach. He took the road less traveled choosing to leave engineering right out of college to become a serial entrepreneur. From great early successes in the 90s and 2000s, to completely losing his primary business in the Great Recession of 2008, to bouncing back and just recently selling another business for a healthy 7-figure sum…he’s experienced it all. Paul offers a wealth of experience and passion to the entrepreneurial community in an engaging, upbeat, encouraging, and witty way. He can carry the conversation easily wherever it goes, and your guests will remain engaged and will walk away with valuable and practical insight and advice.


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