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Beastie Bonds

Loyalty is a Two-Way Street

Nov 24, 2022

See the picture of Moose waiting by his former owner’s hospital bed on the Eleventh Hour Facebook page linked here

This episode’s conversation is with Linda Barish from 11th Hour Rescue, a 501c(3) organization focused on dogs & cats (& rabbits and guinea pigs!)  that are on "death row", i.e., rescued at their 11th hour. Check out this incredible organization run almost entirely by volunteers that has, so far, rescued some 40,000 animals! 

Check out Eleventh Hour’s YouTube channel, find them on Instagram at ehrdogs, Twitter @ehrdogs, and Facebook at Eleventh Hour Rescue

Learn more about Eleventh Hour Rescue,  including how to make a donation at

Learn more about Best Friends on their website. Best Friends has been changing the face of animal rescue in the United States since 1984. 

Check out pictures of Moose on our social media. Find, follow and be sure to say hello on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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A big thank you to Cynthis Gaines who posted her beautiful words on the Chihuahua Club Facebook page, and kindly gave us permission to use them in this episode. Her words were read by Jasmine Henry, a chihuahua lover herself.

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