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Beastie Bonds

Loyalty is a Two-Way Street

Apr 30, 2023

In this episode, AJ and Jasmine discuss search and rescue (SAR) dogs, and guest Dr. Wendy McIlroy, a retired veterinarian and instructor with the professional association of diving instructors (PADI), who is also an evaluator for the Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States (SARDUS) K-9 team shares some of her experiences with animals including training and partnering with her search and rescue dogs.

 Special thanks to guest Wendy McIlroy & check out Jenner’s Run, the facility where AJ played the “hider” for Wendy’s dog Aidan and Peter’s dog, Luna!

Link to donate to SAR Dogs of the United States here!)

Search and Rescue Dogs of the US Want to take the leap and get involved with your own beastie? Check this out


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Sources for this episode include:

LA Times article about the 2018 Montecito mudslide

Golden Dale Sentinel article about training  search and rescue dogs

More about Wendy McIlroy!


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