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Beastie Bonds

Loyalty is a Two-Way Street

Jan 7, 2023

Beastie Bonds is back for Season Two!

Welcome to the first episode of 2023.

In Season Two, we will continue to produce guest interviews that feature true experiences of the animal human “beastie” bond. In addition, your host, AJ, will be joined by co-host Jasmine to discuss stories of beastie bonds from the news, including details that might help get at the how and why of these incredible true stories.

Our first episode of the new season features 2 situations that occurred in the freezing cold of winter, where an animal took the initiative to protect, and ultimately save, the lives of two incredibly fortunate humans.

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Beastie Bonds Theme:

King James by Ghost Beatz, Royalty-free Library


Episode Theme Music includes:

Vision, by DeHartmann. Royalty-free Library

Cool, by EILOH. Royalty-free Library


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