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The Private Practice Pro

Nov 7, 2023

Looking for a compelling narrative of empathy and growth? Join host Kelley Stevens in this episode of the Private Practice Pro for an honest look into the world of mother-daughter therapy duo, Kimberly and Lyle Wick. Together, they share powerful insights on supporting families affected by substance abuse, discussing their own journeys along the way. Through candid conversations, they dispel shame, inspire resilience, and offer invaluable advice for established and aspiring therapists alike.

Guest Bio:

Kimberly is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and holds a master’s in clinical psychology and an MBA. She is a former adjunct faculty member at Pepperdine University in the Graduate School of Psychology.

Throughout years of her own therapy (both individual and family) she became passionate about the process of self-growth, discovering how her behaviors were creating patterns in her life, landing her in similar situations with different storylines. It was during her experiences with family addiction/mental health that she learned to take contrary action, setting boundaries with loved ones from a place of clarity versus fear. She noticed changes taking place not only in her relationships with loved ones but also in her relationship with herself.

Lyle is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor (LAADC). Co-owner of Bridge The Gap, a therapeutic mentoring company, and has an extensive work history with treatment centers. Her personal journey in recovery, both as an adult child of and her own addiction, equips her with the rare ability to engage clinical savvy and distinct empathy in the way she supports family members through their recovery process. It has become her passion to help individuals and families who are struggling with their loved one’s addiction and mental health issues, find their own personal empowerment through education and insight.


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In this Episode:

  • Supporting individuals whose loved ones struggle with substance abuse
  • Rebuilding relationships after substance abuse recovery
  • What is therapeutic mentorship?
  • Opening up about your personal struggles to help others
  • Building connections to grow your business
  • The benefits of sharing vulnerability and authenticity with your clients


(1:01) – Erin’s introduction

(8:12) – Erin’s journey from burnout to private practice

(16:15) – Various approaches to monetizing your online presence

(24:50) – Helping non-birthing parents empathize with the motherhood experience

(38:27) – Balancing a demanding schedule as a working mother and private practice owner

(41:59) – The benefit of making your values and beliefs known as a therapist

(44:10) – Kelley answers a listener’s question about bypassing consultation calls


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