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The Private Practice Pro

Oct 10, 2023

In this latest episode of The Private Practice Pro Podcast, host Kelley Stevens welcomes back the inspiring Stassi Betcher. Stassi is a therapist and content creator who candidly shares her journey in the world of Instagram and online business. Diving deep into the intricacies of social media entrepreneurship, including the challenges of balancing various roles, the importance of self-care, and unlocking secrets of monetizing Instagram with patience and persistence, this episode offers a genuine account of the trials and triumphs of the digital landscape. Staci’s story is a testament to resilience, passion, and the unwavering determination to transform dreams into reality.

Guest Bio:

Nastassia Betcher, LPC, EdM, MA is a Feminist Therapist and Women's Wellness Coach based out of Portland, OR. Stassi is passionate about bringing awareness to the ambitious, "rushing woman's" functioning and disentangle her self-worth from her achievements. Stassi's dream is to shine a light on over-functioning so women can freely access ease and joy in everyday life. Find her on Instagram @BossyStassi and her website at


In this Episode:

  • Taking your business outside the one-to-one
  • Handling burnout and combating rushing woman’s syndrome
  • What is takes to earn money on Instagram
  • Obtaining brand partnerships and affiliate deals
  • The benefits of sharing authentic and self-reflective content on social media
  • Strategies for long-term success on Instagram


(0:59) – Stassi’s introduction

(4:19) – Avoiding burnout while juggling a dynamic career and motherhood

(8:27) – The journey toward making money from Instagram content

(16:15) – Stassi’s Instagram growth, trajectory, and strategy moving forward

(32:23) – Discussing the risks and rewards of Instagram and strategies for long-term success

(36:47) – Navigating brand partnerships and affiliate deals

(46:00) – Stassi’s online business goals for the next time she visits Kelley’s podcast

(48:50) – Kelley answers listener’s question about marketing herself and getting new clients during pre-licensure


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