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The Jason Stapleton Program

Nov 30, 2020

The default setting for our ruling class is "deficit spending," and they've been doing it in spades for the last several years. They didn't need any extra excuses to spend more, but they jumped at the opportunity presented to them by the pandemic. Now you can see their future plans by noting who they've nominated for "Joe Biden's" Treasury Secretary: former Fed Chair Janet Yellen. You should know enough at this point to understand that the empty suit at the top of the Democratic ticket isn't the one making these decisions. He's a placeholder for the corporate oligarchs who populate the permanent state for which electoral politics is simply a shell game. When all the financial power in the world is focused on bringing about a specific outcome, there's very little we can do to change it. So you can take it to the bank that 2021 will bring more spending, more debt, and more inflation. If you've got cash sitting in the bank right now, it might as well be buried in your back yard. It's just gonna keep losing value. You need to be using it today to create the security you'll crave tomorrow. Tonight, at 7pm PST, Jason will be doing another special training where he teaches you how to read a stock chart so that you can be better equipped to defend yourself and even profit in the financial markets. Just go to and sign up now! This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Plexaderm Theragun MVMT