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The Jason Stapleton Program

May 27, 2020

Join my private FB group Remember 2016? At this point, it might as well be 1916. So much has happened since then. The world we live in now is different in so many ways. But apparently it's not too different. 2016 was the year where racial tension in modern America seemed to hit an all-time high. Black Lives Matter dominated every headline, and Colin Kaepernick was in the middle of nuking his NFL career. Every day brought a new case of police brutality, another officer-involved shooting, or more race riots tearing apart American cities. Every day, day after day, we were hammered with relentless, breathless coverage of a brewing race war. You would have been forgiven for thinking we were on the verge of an actual outright war. We probably were. Then those stories disappeared overnight. Suddenly nobody cared about Black Lives Matter anymore. The police brutality didn't stop. The shootings continued. But nobody talked about them. We all talked about Russian election interference for four years. Until now. Now we've suddenly been swamped with stories about race-based violence once again. In 2020. What do 2016 and 2020 have in common? I'll let you think about that; it shouldn't take you long. Friend of the show Michael Malice often points out that there's a difference between a bias and an agenda. Lots of people talk about the bias of the corporate press, but they clearly have an agenda. You can see it just as clearly--perhaps more clearly--in the stories they DON'T cover. Google Duncan Lemp. The corporate press is fighting a war for your attention. Your attention is power. Your attention is money. Who are you going to spend it on? This episode is brought to you by our sponsor: Helix Sleep