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The Jason Stapleton Program

Jan 24, 2022

America has been at war longer than many Americans have been alive. After the botched withdraw of Afghanistan last year it looked like our political class might have finally lost the stomach for foreign conflict. Not so fast! With the economy in trouble, rising inflation and approval numbers below 50% the elites in Washington need a distraction. Enter Ukraine. Today we’ll discuss the risk of a new proxy war there and what it means for you. Plus, the 1/6 committee - the committee created to investigate the January 6th attach on the capitol are now claiming unlimited power when it comes to investigating U.S. citizens. A power they clearly don’t have but when has that ever stopped government? All that and more so tune in. And don’t forget to subscribe and share!! Subscribe to the podcast: Want to get my Daily Alchemy Newsletter? Join the Nomad Network for FREE Watch the Video Version of the show: