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The Jason Stapleton Program

Sep 18, 2023

It’s never my intention to scare anyone with negative economic news. But the news media rarely points out potential dangers to your livelihood before they happen. Especially with a Democrat in the White House.

I don’t mean that to sound partisan, it’s just a fact of our modern-day system.

So today I want to talk...

Sep 11, 2023

Most people spend their lives chasing goals other people say are important. The clothes you wear, the car you drive, even your political beliefs.

Today we chase money, power, pleasure, and fame. None of this will make you happy.

Today we’ll explore what really produces a happy and fulfilled life.

Watch the E/M...

Sep 4, 2023

Today’s episode makes it sound like I’m about to go on a Bernie Sanders rant. But that’s not where I’m taking the show today.

I think the way modern business is being conducted isn’t producing good results. From big, multi-national corporations to the solopreneur. It’s not working for the consumer or...

Aug 28, 2023


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Aug 21, 2023

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