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The Jason Stapleton Program

May 15, 2020

Join my private FB group If you haven't heard of Dave Rubin, you might be living under a rock. Dave is a good friend of the show, so it's been awesome watching his career take off over the past few years. We invited him on the show today because he just released his new book. In Don't Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in the Age of Unreason, Dave tells the story of his political evolution from progressive to classical liberal. In fact, his evolution is continuing even today. On this show, he introduces a new term he's trying on for size. We talked about a bunch of stuff, including how he wound up touring with Jordan Peterson, the crazy autoimmune condition that nearly forced him to shut down The Rubin Report, and how to navigate the pitfalls of daring to think and say unapproved things. And of course you can't have any conversation today without discussing the coronavirus. Dave also lives in Los Angeles. And he's getting fed up with the government here. It was bad enough when they were closing beaches and bulldozing sand into skate parks. But now the major of LA is issuing orders commanding everyone to wear masks whenever they're outside. That ain't gonna happen. The response to the so-called pandemic has become a true inflection point. Democratic politicians at all levels have doubled and tripled down on authoritarianism. And most Republicans recognize the political will behind opening things back up. I don't remember the last time it was as fashionable as it is now to publicly champion the idea of liberty and the danger of authoritarian leaders. The world is changing. And it's changing fast. As the show intro says, we live in the greatest period in human history. I'm glad we have people like Dave who are spreading the message of liberty and encouraging people to take control of their own lives. After you listen to this episode, make sure you pick up your own copy of Don't Burn This Book. Just click this link to buy. Also, go follow Dave. You can find him on Twitter at @RubinReport and on YouTube at The Rubin Report. And make sure to visit so you can check out his new community at Locals, a social media network he created as a "subscription-based community solution that gives power to creators, not platforms." This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Policy Genius