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The Jason Stapleton Program

Oct 28, 2020

Last night, a former business associate of Hunter Biden sat down for an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson, where he outlined in detail all of the evidence he has that Joe Biden was more than simply aware of his son's backroom business dealings using the family name. Bobulinski described his meetings and conversations with Joe, where the former vice president clearly indicated that he was an active participant in the whole shebang. He also confirmed that the "big guy" named in the emails as receiving a 10% cut of the deal was definitely the elder Biden. Joe has emphatically repeated that neither he nor his son have ever been involved in any shady dealings with any foreign entities. Leaving aside the scoff-worthy notion that a lifelong politician with a reported net worth of $9 million would never engage in dirty business, that's a pretty strong stance to take for a guy whose son has been leaking evidence of corruption and pay for play schemes for months now. So far, the entire corporate press and the major social media tech companies have either completely ignored or outright censored and denounced the so-called laptop from hell as unproven disinformation. They've gone so far as to suspend the NY Post's Twitter account, and they've even locked out the White House Press Secretary for tweeting about it. This is beyond simple political bias. This is one of the biggest political scandals in American history, and many of the most powerful institutions in the country are doing whatever they can to cover it up just days before an election. This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: NetSuite TheraGun