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The Jason Stapleton Program

Apr 30, 2021

+ Join my texting community. 323-594-8781 + Start receiving my Daily Alchemy Newsletter - + Become a member of our Nomad Network - +++++ It's always a funny thing when one of the best conversations on the show starts out because the host is hungover and doesn't know if he's gonna survive the episode. That's what happened today. Jason was up until midnight catching up with a good friend. His friend produced the uber-famous murder mystery podcast To Live and Die In LA. Once we got talking about that, one thing led to another and we wound up having a fascinating conversation about the Hero's Journey, Tim Cook vs Steve Jobs, finite games vs infinite games, and about the recent report that a record 34% of all household income in the US now comes from the government. You don't want to miss this episode. +++++ Give your business an unfair advantage in less than 3 minutes a day. Get the daily newsletter that delivers the most actionable and tactical growth strategies available today, straight from the mind of a marketing genius: Learn the blueprint for generating predictable and sustainable income from anywhere on earth: If you're ready to take control of your life, income, and future, go to to get started. Jason on Twitter: Jason on IG: Jason's website: Matt on Twitter: Don't forget to like and subscribe, and please share the show!