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The Jason Stapleton Program

Nov 29, 2021

No matter what you expected the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict to be, the response was predictable: everyone treated it as reinforcement of their own partisan worldview and retreated into their corners. The political situation is bad. And it's getting worse. Millions of people will be (metaphorically) drowned by the rapidly rising tides of inflation and automation. Don't be one of the mindless rabble. Don't let yourself get sucked into the borg. The rest of the world is zigging. It's time for you to start zagging. If you don't know where to start, then a great first step is to sign up for the Discover 2022 event. It's 100% free, and you will leave it better equipped to survive the coming world than 90% of the population. ******* Attend Discover 2022, a free virtual event designed to help you unlock hidden talents, skills, passions, and abilities you can use to increase your income and impact in 2022: ******* If you're ready to take control of your life, income, and future, go to and join the Nomad Network to get started. Brand new app in app stores now! Give your business an unfair advantage in less than 3 minutes a day. Get the daily newsletter that delivers the most actionable and tactical growth strategies available today, straight from the mind of a marketing genius: Learn the blueprint for generating predictable and sustainable income from anywhere on earth: Jason on Twitter: Jason on IG: Jason's website: Matt on Twitter: Don't forget to like and subscribe, and please share the show!