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The Jason Stapleton Program

Oct 26, 2020

Jason being out of the studio today gave us the fantastic opportunity to revisit two of the best episodes of this show over the past year. On Friday, we asked for some of your favorite episodes of the show, and one show stood out above the rest. Last Thanksgiving, we asked you guys to write to us with your wins and anything else you were thankful for. And you completely overwhelmed us with some of the most amazing stories we've ever heard. We spent the entire episode of Nov 29, 2019 reading your stories. And that was the episode everyone mentioned as one of their favorites. So we're gonna replay some of the highlights of that show today. Now, as it turns out, one of our other most popular episodes complements that episode really well. It originally aired on Feb 20, 2020, and it's called The Future of the Liberty Movement. Today's show is a mashup of both episodes. It delivers a powerful message about what matters most and what truly moves the needle. If you want to be moved, inspired, motivated, and encouraged, take an hour and enjoy. This episode is brought to you by our sponsor: CandidCo