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The Jason Stapleton Program

Aug 16, 2021

When we first changed the focus of the show several years ago, we caught a ton of heat for it. For weeks (months?), we heard over and over about how we didn't care about liberty anymore, that we'd given up our principles, that all we cared about was money, yadda yadda yadda. But we never felt like we were "giving up on liberty," whatever that might mean. We realized that liberty isn't fought for in the political sphere. If you've gotten to that point, you've already lost. Liberty is preserved and sustained by those who can preserve and sustain themselves. It's not something you ask for. It's something you create. We must each create our own liberty, and we must do it together. Fast-forward a couple years, and now lots of people are finally coming around to realize that we were right all along. It's a burden being this right this often. ;) If you're still focused on political parties and intellectual libertarian minutiae, you're trapped in an old world. That world is dying. And you get to choose how that makes you feel. Is it "blackpilling"? That is, does it make you feel depressed and hopeless? Or do you take it as a "white pill," meaning it's cause for hope because a better world is coming? Here at WPI, we're firmly in the latter camp. In fact, we plan to do whatever we can to determine what that better world is going to look like. And we created a community for others who feel the same way. If you'd like to join, you can get your first month for free when you sign up here: