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The Jason Stapleton Program

Jan 26, 2022

Reading the headlines you’d think the stock market was down 60%. We’ve become so accustomed to markets only moving up that we forget that stocks are risky assets. Crypto investors are also learning the hard way that they aren’t as smart as they thought they were. The Federal Reserve has become so entwined with the health of our economy that markets no longer consider fundamental market conditions when making decisions. They intuitively know that if the fed stops supporting this bubble - and yes it is very much a bubble - that the entire system collapses. Some suggest the fed will have to let interest rates rise as inflation creeps higher. But I think those people lack a clear understanding of history and how the problems of late stage super cycles are resolved. Today I’ll discuss where we are in this late stage debt super cycle as well as the most likely scenarios our government and Fed will take to try and contain the damage. Don’t forget to subscribe and share! Subscribe to the podcast: Want to get my Daily Alchemy Newsletter? Join our Community for FREE Watch the Video Version of the show: