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The Jason Stapleton Program

Feb 19, 2021

Jason is out of the studio today, so we're giving you guys a little taste of his other podcast. Where we spend a lot of time on this show talking about politics, economics, and current events, Freedom Accelerator is Jason's podcast focused exclusively on principles of marketing, branding, persuasion, and influence from a entrepreneurial business perspective. Episodes are posted every Tuesday and Thursday, and they're deliberately no more more than 10-15 minutes. They're designed to pack maximum punch for the time you spend listening. On this episode, Jason tells the story of the Pearl King, which illustrates just how powerful and necessary a personal brand is. Now, the term "personal brand" has gotten a little hackneyed, but the concept is more relevant and powerful than ever. So don't let jaded cynics prevent you from learning about something that can help you maximize your own freedom by building your wealth, power, and influence. And remember to sign up for the Influential Communication & Branding Workshop that Jason is doing Feb 26-28. The first half day is completely free, so you can get a look behind the curtain and see just how powerful the content is. But this week is the last week you can get the $300 early-bird discount, so head over to and sign up while you listen to today's show!