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The Jason Stapleton Program

Jan 19, 2022

From California to London, everyone is looking for ways to increase revenue. At the same time central banks around the world are looking for ways to control the inflation they’ve caused. The U.S. alone has printed more than 5 Trillion dollars since the beginning of 2020, using that money to buy up everything from treasuries to corporate bonds. What we’re experiencing is a shift in power as our nation (and many others) progress through a natural life cycle that ends in debt and decline. That sounds pretty terrible and it’s easy to be a pessimist in times like this. But today I’d like to discuss our path forward. Just because there’s a recession, or depression, or a change in the balance of power doesn’t mean you have to suffer. There’s a big bold world being formed right now. What we need to do is stay focused on what’s ahead rather than lamenting a past that isn’t likely to return. Subscribe to the podcast: Want to get my Daily Alchemy Newsletter? Join the Nomad Network for FREE Watch the Video Version of the show: Get Ray Dalio’s new book “The Changing World Order”