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The Jason Stapleton Program

Nov 23, 2020

We are a podcast divided! Jason believes that Trump's legal case is cooked, that Giuliani & Co are just pursuing their own version of Russiagate, and that we're now guaranteed to have a President Biden. Matt believes that the legal proceedings have only just begun, and that there's still going to be weeks of new developments with lots of new evidence yet to be uncovered. What we do agree on is that there was definitely some type of fraud, and the level of corruption within the system -- even at the judicial level -- is so significant that Trump will be fighting an uphill battle. Meanwhile, as various states and countries enter into another round of lockdowns, with so-called "experts" wailing about the threat of a Second Wave, other experts are claiming that the tests being used to drive these policy decisions are so unreliable that all of the numbers were seeing are likely false. One of those experts is none other than Anthony Fauci himself. You'll never hear that from the press, though. If the last several years has taught you anything, it should be that the press lies, governments don't care about you, and your success is up to you and you alone. (No show on Wednesday, as Jason will be out of the studio. On Friday, we'll be reading your stories about everything you're thankful for in 2020. Make sure you get your emails in NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY MORNING, and your story could be one of ones we read! Email them to Have a happy Thanksgiving, guys. This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Plexaderm Echelon Fitness