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Mar 31, 2020

Hell Week - Keeping Info Updated

This week on the Heidi and Vickie show the pair talks about a week full of posts, trolls, and Covid-19. Join the two owners of the RoofersCoffeeShop to let some of the steam out of the kettle. We can make if we stick together roofing family! Stay attuned to for...

Mar 26, 2020

S2:E13 Roofing Road Trips with Heidi with Special Guest Nicole Gray, Loyalty Program Manager at IKO

If you’re a roofing contractor with the desire to be the best professional you can be, and you recognize that business building tools and opportunities are critical to success, you are going to want to listen to this...

Mar 25, 2020

S2:E12 Roofing Road Trip with Heidi Michelle Boykin 

Michelle Boykin is an integral part of Rackley Roofing, a leading commercial roofing contractor in Tennessee.  She joined the company in 2010 and has been instrumental in their exponential growth.  Heidi J. Ellsworth will visit with her in this Roofing Road Trips with...

Mar 25, 2020

S2:E11 Roofing Road Trips with Heidi - Karen Edwards and Reed Hitchcock

RCS Editor Karen Edwards interviews ARMA's Reed Hitchcock at the 2020 International Roofing Expo. Listen to hear about asphalt recycling, sustainability as well as our current labor shortage.

Mar 25, 2020

S2:E10 Roofing Road Trips with Heidi Podcast with Special Guest Thea Dudley

In her three decades of work as a credit and collections officer, Thea Dudley has trekked across deserts to recover goods, taken FBI interrogation classes to learn negotiators’ “tells” and suffered through more lame reasons for extending...