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Mar 15, 2023

Have you ever experienced a big recalibration of the work that you do? How did it feel? Scary? Exciting?

This episode, "Pressing The Reset Button" is about resetting my coaching focus to be a lot more oriented towards working with artists at the top of their game. 

In this episode, I talk about the mindset work I’m...

Jan 25, 2023

We’ve been told that a life without limits is aspirational but what if we require limitations in order to create?

This episode, "Embracing Limitations for Creativity" is all about recognizing and working with the limitations we face and turning them into powerful tools to create something meaningful. 

In this episode,...

Jan 18, 2023

Stop feeling guilty for enjoying luxury and liking nice things. Everyone deserves to treat themselves and indulge in something special every once in a while.

This episode, "Enjoying Luxury Is Not A Crime" is for artists and creative coaches who feel guilty because they desire to have nice things and experiences.

In this...

Jan 11, 2023

Vivienne Westwood was a revolutionary designer and fashion icon who believed in pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. She was also a powerful advocate for social and environmental issues. Her message was loud and clear: don't be afraid to speak out, stand up for what you believe in, and use your voice to...

Jan 4, 2023

I don’t know anyone who’s “successful” who hasn’t put matching energy and intention behind their success. Magic happens for them because they add magic to their recipes.

This episode, "How To Create Success?" is about learning how to uncover the power of matching energy and intention to achieve success.