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The Living Intentionally Podcast

Sep 29, 2022

As a mother and entrepreneur, juggling both roles while showing up in other aspects of my life is something I am still learning and figuring things out however one thing is certain, I am intentional in both.


I do not take for granted the role of a mother and as one that works, creating a balance is crucial because motherhood and work are always at the top of my priority list.


In this episode, I share my journey navigating motherhood and entrepreneurship and major milestones in my life so far.

  • 9:59- “Being intentional, it looks different for everybody, this is not a one size fits all.”  
  • 19:29- “You have to be intentional about controlling your anger, controlling your own emotions.”
  • 31:03- “I wanna be the person who can help the person like me..”
  • 39:00- “You can’t enhance, you can’t improve, you can’t tweak if you don’t start.” 


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