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The Living Intentionally Podcast

Oct 27, 2022

With so much happening around us on a daily basis, life can get overwhelming and it is important to protect your peace and to do so intentionally.


For many, protecting your peace can look like cutting off certain individuals, saying NO, or setting boundaries among several other things.


Protecting one’s peace is different for everyone and in this episode, I share why you should intentionally do this and also what it looks like for those on the other side of the peace protection.


  • 13:45- “You cannot help but get to a point to protect your peace.”
  • 22:00- “The enemy is always coming with distractions, especially the more that you elevate.”
  • 37:51- “Expectations are real and sometimes some of us don't even know that we have them.”
  • 41:25- “We can do both, you can have family members and friends who have been riding with you, rocking with you all of your  life, and still want to meet new people so that you can grow, evolve as  a person.”

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