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The Living Intentionally Podcast

Jan 5, 2023

It is common for people to set goals for this year as the New Year has arrived.


Planning is underway, and as you jot down your objectives, I'd like to give you something to think about regarding your intentions for the year.


Have you set intentions? Have you set any goals? Are you choosing to be flexible? Have you chosen a power word or phrase?


I believe a power word or phrase should be utilized when planning for the New Year because they help to stay grounded in the present while actively developing who you are becoming.


Choosing a word to anchor and also guide you throughout the year will allow you to weigh each action and opportunity this year. 

  • 8:59 - “How are you preparing yourself to journey through this year?”
  • 21:26 -  “Get yourself a power word, something to guide you and anchor you in 2023.”
  • 35:01 - “Who are you becoming?”
  • 39:37- “Nothing is out of reach, nothing is too hard, there is nothing that we cannot attain.”

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