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The Living Intentionally Podcast

Feb 2, 2023

I have been awarded the blessing of friendship all my life and I have been able to experience different stages of life, meeting people and intentionally crafting relationships with them which has had a strong impact on me.


When it comes to friendships, being intentional demands striking an incredible balance between seeking out the positive qualities in others and exercising a sober realism about what a real relationship actually entails for both parties.


This is the kind of balance I seek in my friendships and in this episode, I get together with a couple of my best friends to share how we have managed to stay closely knitted throughout our different capacities.


  • 22:35 - “Being in a social circle with people who are different from you helps you evolve.”
  • 44:55 -  “Maintaining friendships while building other friendships may be challenging.”
  • 49:37 - “When you are a solid person, you are going to have solid friendships.”
  • 53:18- “If you are somebody who has multiple friend groups, you have to be intentional about the effort.”

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