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The Living Intentionally Podcast

Feb 16, 2023

Loving intentionally means being purposeful and mindful in the way you express love towards someone or yourself.


It involves making a conscious effort to understand the needs, desires, and feelings of the person you love, and actively working to build and maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship with them.


This is something I actively seek to do in my relationship and this led me to create  BOO’D UP  with the Barreaus, to help my relationship and other couples to actively work on their relationships because families are the foundations of communities.


In this episode, I share how my most recent event, BOO’D UP with the Barreaus, went and highlighted the value of intentionally loving your partner.


  • 12:08 - “I want to bring black and brown couples together because we need community.”

  • 20:52 -  “How can you have generational wealth? You can do it individually but if you want to do it lasting at a family level, you and your partner have to do it together..”

  • 26:30 - “It’s nothing like community! ”

  • 36:06- “If you have a partner, how you show up is important.”

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