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The Living Intentionally Podcast

Mar 16, 2023

Community and Sisterhood are important for creating a sense of belonging and support, as well as promoting personal and social growth. 


They can help individuals feel connected to something greater than themselves and provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 


Additionally, strong communities and sisterhoods can be a powerful force for positive change in society, working together to address issues and create meaningful progress.


This is what The Intentional Woman Community offers and in this episode you get to hear from women who have been able to experience the perks of the community and how you can benefit from being part of it.


  • 05:38 - “I am going through something personally now and the community has definitely been there for sis..” 

  • 15:20 -  “When you show up as your authentic self, what is supposed to happen is going to happen.”

  • 48:58 - “I feel like I am in a place of confidence and I stopped doubting myself.”

  • 1:06:20- “Sometimes, it is not everybody else, God gotta work on you.”


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