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The Living Intentionally Podcast

Jun 24, 2024

In this episode, we get into what living intentionally means to you as an individual. It can mean different things to different people.


I share my opinion and ask you to reflect on what it means to you in this episode.


Hit play to get into it!


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Jun 20, 2024

In this episode, I speak to Annette Johnson popularly known as Mama AJ amongst the women in the Intentional Woman Community about how she has been able to live an intentional life.


She is a commendable individual in the community and her insight into work, family, friendships and motherhood in this episode will align...

Jun 17, 2024

In this insightful episode, we delve into the concept of living an intentional life. What does it truly mean to be intentional in our actions, decisions, and daily routines?


Whether you're seeking more clarity, purpose, or simply a more mindful approach to life, this episode is packed with valuable takeaways to help...

Jun 10, 2024

In this enlightening episode, we delve into the transformative power of intentional living through the wisdom of sacred scriptures. 


Join us as we explore how integrating purposeful principles from religious texts can lead to a more meaningful, directed, and fulfilling life. 


Whether you're seeking spiritual...

Jun 6, 2024

In this episode, we expound on the 4Ws Of Intentionality highlighted in the Mindset Monday episode.


Learn how focusing on these areas can transform your life and help you achieve your goals.


Wealth: Mindset and Lifestyle

  • Principles of a wealth mindset.

  • Tips for adopting a wealth-oriented lifestyle.