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The Living Intentionally Podcast

Nov 10, 2022

Many people go through life passively on a daily and are easily distracted from their goals.


The lack of deliberate action makes it impossible for them to pursue their heart's desires and they find themselves on a roller coaster of unexecuted plans.


This used to be my story until I decided to make a change for the better. In this episode, I share how I was able to design a life of intentionality and shade light on recent events affecting us.

  • 17:00- “If you could intentionally design your  life, what would it look like?”
  • 26:50- “You all need to find ways to come together and find a safe space.” 
  • 42:58- “You have to shift your mind about moving forward.”
  • 44:06- “We as a community as a whole like we really have to shift our mindsets and how we are showing up for ourselves and one another.”

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