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Handcrafted Therapy Podcast: Business Conversations for Massage Therapists

May 9, 2024

In this enlightening episode of the Handcrafted Therapy Podcast, Julie welcomes guest Julie Erickson, a seasoned massage therapist and innovative journal creator. Dive deep into a discussion about the transformative power of journaling in achieving mind-body-spirit connection and self-awareness.  

Julie Erickson introduces her uniquely crafted journal that encourages personal creativity and structured self-reflection, designed to fit into just 10 minutes a day. Learn about the therapeutic benefits of communicating with your body through journal entries that address physical discomfort and mental stress. Gain insights into Julie's own journey of self-discovery—from her adventurous career moves across the globe to the creation of a tool that aids others in their paths to self-care. 

Join us for a heartfelt conversation on the necessity of self-awareness, the challenges of prioritizing self-care, and how intentional journaling can lead to profound changes in personal health and wellbeing.   


In this episode, Julie and Julie discuss: 

  • Concept and Creation of Julie Erickson’s Journal 

  • Personal Experiences and the Impact of Journaling 

  • Therapeutic Insights and Integration in Massage Therapy Practice 

  • Self-Care and its Importance for Caregivers* 

  • Utilization and Practical Tips for Using the Journal 


Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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More about Julie Erickson 

Julie has practiced massage in a variety of settings since graduating from Seattle Massage School in 1992. She loves working with clients who participate in their own wellness or recovery. She loves to create a personalized massage for each client, based on what their needs are that particular day. Julie is also a certified Yamuna Body Rolling instructor, an Oola coach, and co-author of a new wellness journal titled "Season of Growth". All these aspect of her work have something in common; to help others become more balanced in their lives, in particular, their health and wellness. 


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