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Handcrafted Therapy Podcast: A Podcast for Massage Therapists

Nov 8, 2022

Do you feel like you cannot get your business off the ground and running? Do you struggle to find a steady stream of clients? Perhaps it is time to pick a modality niche. 

In this episode, Julie is joined by Hillary Arrieta to discuss how choosing a modality niche in your massage therapy practice can help you succeed in business. 

Hillary Arrieta is a massage educator and LMT in the Dallas, Texas area. She owns the Heeling Hut a massage practice specializing in Ashiatsu. Hilary wrote Press Here! Ayurvedic Head Massage for Beginners: Practice for Overall Health and Wellness. 

In this episode, Julie and Hillary discuss:  

  • How to turn challenges into learning lessons 
  • Why networking is about relationships and not presentation 
  • How creating a niche can help you in your networking 
  • How to be more inclusive and less competitive 
  • Why doing less is important to model for your massage therapy clients 
  • What is Ashiatsu/ Barefoot massage 
  • Challenges in marketing massage niches 
  • How to care for your mental fatigue as a massage therapist 

Best piece of advice from Hillary Arrieta:  

Being open, patient, and excited about the work you are doing 

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